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Eco-responsible camping in the bio-valley

Au cœur de notre bio vallée, nous nous engageons pour une approche éco-responsable du camping Les Chapelains, autour d’actions en faveur du développement durable et de la préservation de l’environnement. Nous vous proposons de n’être pas seulement des consommateurs mais aussi des citoyens soucieux du bien-être de la planète, de la défense de causes environnementales et sociales. Ces valeurs que nous partageons nous rapprochent.

As a company rooted in our village of Saillans and the Drôme Valley, we can take action. Economic, social, environmental and cultural development: we are active players in our region.

In return, the region’s dynamism contributes to the quality of its living environment and the availability of services and skills. A good way to attract potential new business partners, customers and suppliers. It’s a virtuous circle!

Bio vallée: a region committed to the future

The Vallée de la Drôme covers 45 communes that are part of the Bio Vallée or Vallée du Vivant, a leading European rural area in terms of sustainable development. The ambition is to make it a successful example of how to preserve and enhance natural resources. For example, the project aims to achieve energy self-sufficiency, through changes in agricultural and food practices, consumer habits, and waste and travel reduction.

A global approach to developing a local, sustainable economy where new ways of living are invented that preserve natural resources and ensure access to essential services for all inhabitants.

respectful means of transport

Sustainable development: a shared commitment


  • Ongoing search for ways to reduce consumption
  • Regular monitoring of consumption to detect leaks or deviations
  • Water flow reducers in accommodation and sanitary facilities
  • Sanitary fittings equipped with timed push-button taps
  • Selection of plant species to avoid or minimize wateringrrosage ; no automatic watering
  • Informing customers about the river and the impact of dams and sunscreens on water quality and biodiversity


  • Ongoing search for ways to reduce consumption
  • Regular monitoring of consumption to detect deviations
  • Exclusive use of light sources LED
  • Twilight sensor for lighting spaces common areas common areas depending on darkness
  • Solar-powered night lighting for roadways
  • Gradual replacement of household appliances with more energy-efficient equipment (class A if available)


  • Raising awareness of waste sorting
  • Recycling of cooking oils from the snack-restaurant
  • Selective sorting of snack-restaurant waste
  • Sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.) served in glass dishes
  • Elimination of individual packaging for breakfasts (butter, jam)
  • Stop selling water and drinks in plastic bottles
  • Reducing food waste through optimized supply and inventory management
  • Recycling coffee capsules


  • Wood cladding for better integration into the landscape integration
  • Environmentally-friendly technologies for air conditioning in accommodation (R32)


  • Encouraging the use of soft mobility (cycling, walking) and public public transport (Saillans SNCF train station, bus)
  • Use of a hybrid vehicle


  • Preferred choice of local craftsmen and companies for maintenance, construction, food and beverages:
  • Hygiène du Val de Drôme in Saillans
  • Fromagerie Eurial in Crest
  • Cave Jean-Claude Raspail in Saillans
  • Cédric Nicolas Market gardener in Saillans
  • Boucherie Pascal in Saillans
  • Vival grocery store in Saillans
  • Le Coing Bio in Saillans
  • Royal Bernard in Grane
  • Glaces Merlin in Piégros-la-Clastre
  • François Bellier honey in Saint-Sauveur-en-Diois
  • Cave Saint-Maurice in Saillans
  • Virevolt, electricity in Saillans
  • Assainissement Services 26 (AS26) in Mirabel-et-Blacons
  • Bati 26 and Quentin Drouhet masons in Saillans
  • Provence Sciage in Cléon d’Andran
  • Garage des Trois Becs in Saillans
  • Brasserie Markus in Cléon d’Andran
  • Boulangerie Chastang in Crest
  • Couttoulin David pruner in Crest
  • Les Mains vertes landscaper in Montmeyran


  • Supply of Ecolabel cleaning products in accommodation (washing-up liquid, recycled toilet paper)
  • Use of vinegar and Ecolabel cleaning products
  • Strict limits on the use of phytosanitary products (pesticides)
  • Limit paper printing and impression of documentation on recycled paper
  • Environmentally-friendly materials and techniques for building renovation and maintenance
  • Regular tree pruning and maintenance by a tree trimmer
  • Disposable, 100% recyclable bed linen for reduced environmental impact and water consumption

Your actions during your stay

We also invite you to take action for the environment during your stay:

  • For shopping and sightseeing, take your bike or walk instead: it’s better for the planet and more economical! Saillans’ shops are a 15/20 minute walk from the campsite (or 10 minutes by bike).
  • Don’t let the water run unnecessarily
  • Practise selective sorting by using the containers for glass, newspapers and recyclable packaging.
  • Remember to turn off your accommodation’s exterior lighting and air conditioning when you go to bed, and its interior lighting when you’re away.
  • Don’t leave electrical appliances plugged in unnecessarily
  • Switch off your vehicle’s engine as soon as possible during extended stops.
  • Buy from local merchants…
tourism quality certificate

Commitment to quality

Since 2017, we’ve been awarded the Camping Qualité label, the quality label for campsites in France. Thisprofessional label brings together over 300 campsites committed to offering you a quality vacation.

Les Chapelains campsite has also been awarded the state Quality Tourism label. This commitment testifies to our commitment to progress in order to satisfy our customers and improve the competitiveness of France as a destination.

Camping Qualité is based on a unique, objective quality charter comprising over 700 criteria focusing on 5 areas of commitment: a warm welcome, irreproachable cleanliness, accurate and truthful information, a well-kept site or accommodation, and respect for the environment.

Joining Camping Qualité was our choice, because quality is guaranteed by strict, precise specifications and a mystery audit. Allowing us to design and improve our services according to a single requirement: quality. Every criterion is regularly checked by independent auditors as part of our drive for perfection, objectivity and transparency.

A warm welcome

For both ourselves and our seasonal workers, we pay particular attention to hospitality, availability, thoughtfulness and efficiency. This helps to ensure that your stay with us is serene, pleasant and convivial.

Impeccable cleanliness

Cleanliness and hygiene throughout the campsite, that’s what we strive to offer you. From the reception area to the snack bar, from the sanitary facilities to the driveways, pitches and rentals, we leave nothing to chance.

Accurate and truthful information

Precise descriptions of facilities, opening times and periods for reception, services and activities: we provide you with complete, clear and accurate information. We clearly state our prices and strictly apply them.

Location or well-kept accommodation

We take the necessary steps to provide you with a private pitch or well-kept accommodation. We work hard to ensure that your stay is as peaceful as possible. We design and maintain our property with taste and aesthetics in mind, so that it blends in well with our surroundings.

Respect for the environment

We are committed to preserving nature and the environment, and to developing our campsite in a way that respects and protects the environment. We’re constantly looking for new environmental solutions to improve our performance. In this way, we are helping to preserve an increasingly threatened environment.

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Tourism quality

The Qualité Tourisme state label is awarded to tourism professionals by the Direction Générale des Entreprises. The quality of reception and service throughout the customer journey is assessed on the basis of a quality reference framework and a mystery visit.

Themystery audit showed an overall compliance rate of over 90%, and all the Brand’s eligibility criteria were met. Adherence to the Qualité Tourisme™ approach testifies to our commitment to progress in order to satisfy customers and improve the competitiveness of destination France.

quality tourism brand

Slow tourism

Far from the chains and groups that industrialize and standardize camping vacations, we offer you the chance to recharge your batteries. Come and meet up with family, children, friends, lovers, for a weekend or a vacation.

In the face of mass tourism, which has shown its excesses as well as its limits, Les Chapelains ★★★ campsite supports the Drôme department ‘s choice to orient its tourism strategy towards “Slow Tourism”. It’s a form of tourism where you take the time to discover, share and exchange experiences and enjoy yourself, combining respect for the environment, preservation of local characteristics and the pleasure of traveling.

Choose “slow tourism”, a sustainable vacation where you take the time to discover, share, exchange experiences and enjoy yourself, combining respect for the environment with preservation of local characteristics.

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