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Campsite on the banks of the Drôme river in Saillans

Canoeing, swimming and cycling along the Drôme river. Come and enjoy nature activities in the water or along the river route.

Direct access to the river from the campsite

From 50m for the nearest to 250m for the farthest, all pitches and rentals have direct access to the Drôme river. There’s no road to cross.

The river Drôme runs alongside the campsite, along the ramière. You reach it directly, via one of the small paths between the wild hedges and pebbles. Its clear, pure water, with its often unreal colors, flows freely. It skirts the pebble banks that are so many beaches where you can bask.

The whole family can enjoy a safe swim in the pure water of this natural pool. You can also cool off with your feet in the water, enjoying the mild Drôme sunshine and nature.

The River Drôme offers children a unique natural playground. They can sail along the water on a buoy, or let themselves be shaken by river jumps. You can also watch butterflies, beavers and aprons with them, and let them discover this wilderness. An incomparable experience and memories, better than swimming in the crowded, chlorinated waters of swimming pools, water parks…

Many activities can be enjoyed in the water or along the Drôme river route. For the adventurer at heart, who loves water sports with canoeing and kayaking, but also for the family on the Vélodrôme bike ride along the Drôme river.

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Swimming in the Drôme

The clear, pure water of the River Drôme, with its often unreal colors, flows freely. It skirts the pebble banks that are so many beaches where you can bask.

The whole family can enjoy a safe swim in the pure water of this natural pool. You can also cool off with your feet in the water, enjoying the gentle Drôme sunshine and the surrounding mountain scenery.

The river offers children a unique natural playground, where they can play with the pebbles, or float along on a buoy, and let themselves be shaken by the river jumps. We encourage you to explain to children why they should avoid building small pebble dams. These dams have a significant impact on rivers and the species that live in them. They heat up the water, endangering many aquatic species.

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Navigate the waters of the Drôme in a canoe-kayak

Paddle one of Europe’s last wild rivers and let yourself glide along. This whitewater activity is available from April to October, depending on river conditions. There’s a descent to suit every taste and level. Departures from its mountain tributaries are highly technical, for experienced enthusiasts. The quieter lower valley is ideal for families with children, with departures from Sainte-Croix or Saillans. In spring, the flow is more turbulent than in summer, when the level is lower.

In Saillans, 3 canoe-kayak rental bases are at your service:

They’ll introduce you to the basics of this water sport. They provide advice and equipment (canoe, paddle, lifejacket, watertight can, safety helmet, neoprene suit if necessary).

Ready to go? Enjoy a self-guided trip down the Drôme river to the meeting point for the return trip to the base. Some rental companies offer assistance from a qualified professional.

Practical info: sections of the Drôme River range from 6 to 32 km, from ½ day to 2-day trips. For this activity, you must be over 6 years old, be able to swim and have no medical contraindications.

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Fishing in the river

For fishing enthusiasts, the Drôme river abounds in wild fario trout, depending on the season. It’s the perfect playground for even the most advanced salmon fishing techniques.

Further downstream, the river meanders between wooded islets and criss-crossing channels. Other fish include barbel, chub and gudgeon. Trout can also be found here, migrating down the Gervanne, a tributary of the Drôme that is particularly rich in fish.

In the pure river water

The Drôme river, at the foot of the campsite (downstream from Saillans), is awarded the Excellence classification year after year. A guarantee of safety, so you can enjoy it without hesitation!

But beware, this quality is fragile, especially in midsummer when the river level is low. In this case, avoid conventional sunscreens. They use so-called chemical or synthetic UV filters, which have an impact on water quality. Choose organic sunscreens that have less impact on the environment.

In France, bathing water quality is subject to rigorous sanitary control. It is carried out by regional health agencies (ARS) and accredited laboratories.

For real-time information on water quality in the Drôme river and rankings for past seasons: https: //

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A wild, free river in the heart of nature

From the peaks of the Vercors to the Rhone valley, the Drôme river offers a succession of strikingly contrasting landscapes. It benefits from both Alpine influences and Provencal sunshine.

In spring, its flow is more turbulent than in summer, when the level is lower and the water calmer. During autumn and early spring floods, the River Drôme becomes a torrent. It creates a new bed, removing the vegetation from the banks and islets. Every year, nature gives the river a slightly different face. Initially a fairly impetuous mountain torrent, the Drôme river gradually widens its bed from Saillans to the Rhône. The peaks of the Pre-Alps and the line of Clairette vineyards on the slopes form a superb backdrop.

The Drôme River boasts a biological diversity of 2,500 species. It’s a paradise for otters, beavers, herons and, on the fish side, the inevitable Rhône apron.

The flora of the Drôme river is shaped by the natural flow of water and sediment: willows, poplars, watercress, water celery…

This bio-diversity is an opportunity, but also a responsibility. Climate change is having a major impact on flora and fauna. We must do all we can to protect them, so that future generations can learn about them too.

Take advantage of your stay to visit the Ramières railway station at Allex, 20 minutes from the campsite. The Maison de la réserve naturelle nationale welcomes young and old to learn about the environment and discover the reserve’s species and natural habitats.

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